European Tennis Competitions

With each of the tennis competitions we organise, we suggest that you play “doubles” format, this is to ensure that each player within your group maximises their time on the court. Depending on the number of tennis players you have within your group, players will be broken down into smaller groups consisting of five, six or seven players per team.  Each group will then play men’s doubles, ladies doubles, mixed doubles or vets doubles with your best players being placed in “group one”. If your are part of a youth academy or are from the junior section of your club then you may wish to divide your players into squads prior to the tournament. (max seven players per group) – Once we know your preferred format and standard of play, we will match your club against one of our overseas clubs for the competition element of your trip.


Typical Formats:

Each player will play their opposition once thus playing up to seven games of tennis. We will do our upmost to provide your tennis club members with plenty of game time. However, the host club may include time limits per game, reduced number of games, short deuces or alternative formats so everyone can play an equal amount of tennis on the day.


Type of Tennis Courts

Tennis is played worldwide on a variety of surfaces including acrylic, artificial grass, asphalt, carpet, concrete or natural grass and can be played either indoor or outdoor. Please tell us your preferred choice of surface when booking and we will endeavour to find a club with a suitable surface for your stay.


How we grade your standard of play

Every club and every player has a different understanding on the level of their play, therefore we have outlined below a guide to the scale that we will use in order to try and match your ability with our coaches and local opposition:-

1-2 = Pro / Coach standard

3-5 = Advanced players

6-7 = Intermediate players

8-9 = Improving players

10  = Complete beginner / no experience